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I'm open 24 hours. 

I am also open to all modifications for our customers that believe there is need for improvements whatsoever. I will I pray for you and I will work to making what you pray for actually happen only in the name of Jesus, by the Spirit of God and in worship of our Heavenly Father God themselves as one.


Army of Christians. Activating the power of God through his love in Christ. We seek to defeat counterintelligence that oppose our beliefs as Christians. We practice the official versions of Christian Science by the Holy Ghost.

This is all about Christ Jesus having me Percy being called by God making me obedient to help protect our families, friends and homes from foreign, domestic and homegrown terrorism through prayer by any means necessary. It is about doing what we can to protect one another from persecution without putting God aside because God knows all in Jesus' name to our Father God I AM Amen.

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It is not all about the money!

Hi here is my business inquiry:

Nice to meet you also,  26/M/NYC-  I'm also a very sexy Christian security  professional that does massages


Plus you can send me around to make sure no one is getting sexually assaulted, molested, kidnapped, sodomized, raped, mugged, robbed etc. People that make their own choices into one to live with some other nonsense on their own are different. I know you feel that! I think my goals are completely set. All I have to do is stay connected with the right people.

God promises who's it's all about:

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Christian Defenses

Christians United For Israel

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American Freedom Defense Initiative 

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We offer biblical encouragement, scriptural influence, godly poetry and more divine functions.